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Amy Trowman is the principal designer and visionary behind Amy Trowman Design, a Charleston, South Carolina, based interior design firm with residential and commercial clients, nationally and internationally. 


Amy's creative portfolio that boasts many different looks is a testament to her range and her ability to keep the client’s vision forefront. In addition, her designs show off the architecture of the home in the best light. Amy's respect for the home’s natural flow and design are the reasons why she has built and maintained strong relationships with builders, architects, and contractors within the Charleston community.


Her work unites the sense of warmth that comfortable, coastal living embodies with sophistication to achieve livable luxury. Amy's coastal interiors are set apart by focusing on exquisite details and incorporating unique lighting, original art and one of a kind design objects; her designs range from clean and elegant coastal interiors to ones with eclectic and bohemian flare.


Residential Interior Design

Commercial Interior Design

Property Management

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